4 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

11 Healthy Pasta Recipes

Don’t take pasta-licious recipes off your menu when you want to lose weight and feel slim. With the right recipes, you can still sink your fork into a bowl of tasty pasta without the guilt and bad carbs. Add these 11 healthy pasta recipes to your weight loss menu.


Why are many traditional pasta recipes bad for you? One reason is that they often incorporate refined pasta, which is an unhealthy carbohydrate. Examples of refined foods include white bread, white flour, packaged cereal, and pastries. These foods have been heavily processed, stripping them of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Processing also destroys fiber, a must-have part of any successful weight loss plan. The body absorbs these bad carbs more quickly, which means you’ll be hungry faster.

Healthy pasta recipes feature two big-time advantages over traditional pasta dishes. The first is that the meal ideas below use whole grain pasta. You’ll benefit from fiber and other nutrients that haven’t been processed into oblivion. Like all SkinnyMs. recipes, the meals below incorporate minimally-processed or whole ingredients that lay the foundation for lasting weight loss.

This Italian-inspired recipe is both delish and guilt free. Enjoy the combo of whole grain pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, baby spinach, and more.

With a few minor alterations, we skinnied a comfort food classic. It’s a double-duty recipe that makes a delicious lunch or dinner.

Serve up tastiness with a twist when you prepare ourToday Show’s Kathie Lee & HodaJoyful Cook-Off-winning recipe.

Healthy pasta recipes, like this one with just 92 calories per serving, are a simple way to serve nutrition and taste—even on a busy night.

A meal this easy will end up on your go-to recipe list! It offers whole wheat spaghetti with parmesan cheese, low-fat milk, and low-sodium chicken broth.

Please the whole family with a comfort food recipe that won’t pad your hips with fat. Prepare this with or without the sausage, which is made with lean ground turkey or chicken.

Healthy pasta recipes like this one taste as pretty as they look. Savor this blend of green beans, pine nuts, almonds, basil, and more.

Ditch the heavy cream and try this healthy but hearty fish dish! This pasta includes white wine or veggie broth, plus plenty of antioxidant-rich vegetables.

This is a decidedly different pasta dish than most Americans are accustomed to. The Sicilian-inspired recipe is delicious and super healthy. It includes high-nutrient, low-cal superfood cauliflower.

We love earthy pasta recipes like this one. It incorporates tomatoes, pecorino cheese, and plenty of your favorite Italian herbs and spices.

Add this creamy casserole to your healthy menu for a classic dish with only 8 grams of fat per serving.

Video: 10 Creamy & Satisfying Pasta Dishes

11 Healthy Pasta Recipes
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