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Short Hairstyles for Women with Fine Hair


There is no question that short hairstyles are having the momentum of the century. The varieties have never been more stylish – or more daring. Run with the boys with a slicked back bob cut, channel Audrey Hepburn in a ‘Roman Holiday’ or dance in the sun with beachy waves. Regardless of what your hair demands, you can be sure there’s a cut for that! Even if your locks are lacking weight and volume, short hair might just be the cure you were looking for. Here are the most stylish short hairstyles for women with fine hair that will bring your limb strands back to life.



1. Short Bob

For a woman, a short bob is one of the most versatile and low-maintenance looks there is. It portrays confidence, sophistication, fun and suits nearly every facial shape. This cheek-bone grazing style is inspired by the style icons of the golden twenties. Let it air dry to add natural texture to this usually very sleek cut.


Short bob


2. Bowl Cut

With its middle part and rounded ends, the bowl cut is a league of its own. While the lower back of your head is typically buzzed, your main hair is kept at the same length, covering your brows and resting atop of your cheekbones. This stylish cut pairs well with bold lipstick choices as it will put your pout on centre stage.


Bowl Cut


3. Faux Hawk

Whether your pixie is freshly trimmed or slightly grown out, the faux hawk will work for you. After washing, flip your hair upside down to dry, then part it just above the temple and tease with a comb to create the desired height. Finally, seal generously with hair product and use your hands to flatten the sides.




4. Buzz Cut

Let’s get real: it doesn’t get much bolder than this. Endorsed by celebrities like Cara Delivigne, Kate Hudson Amber Rose and Kristen Stewart (the list goes on), the buzz cut is one of the hottest haircuts of the year. Whether in platinum blond or natural, this confident style will look perfect 24/7 without you having to lift a finger.


Buzz Cut


5. Blunt Pixie

For a confident style full of cheek, consider the blunt pixie your look of choice. Inspired by the legendary Audrey Hepburn, the short fringe will naturally accentuate your eyes and brows. It’s also not short of cheek!


Blunt pixie


6. Geometric Bob

The geometric bob relies on precision cutting. Every hair in this style has a place and purpose. The ends gradually grow in length, beginning below the cheekbone on one side and slowly descending to your chin on the other. This polished cut it finished off with a short, asymmetric fringe to match.


Geometric bob


7. Curly Pixie

The curly pixie is an excellent choice if you’re already sporting natural curls. It’s truly effortless, feminine and frames your face beautifully. If you have straight hair, try shaping your hair with a curling iron. Make sure to use thin strands of hair and then use your fingers and a lightweight wax to tuck them into place.


Curly pixie


8. Wavy Lob

The wavy lob is the go-to style when you just want to look effortlessly good. Create loose curls with a curling iron, brush them out and then define them to your liking with your fingers. Make sure to only use lightweight styling products on this one. You want to seal your waves but not weigh them down.


Wavy lob


9. Combed Back Pixie

Combing back your pixie haircut is an instant way of completely transforming your style. Just dry your hair overhead and gently tease it with a fine-toothed comb to increase the volume on top. Wear with a dress for an elegant evening look or combine with a leather jacket to channel your inner rock’n’roll chick.


Combed back pixie


10. Pixie with Curly Fringe

Channel your inner Elvis Presley with this immensely cool pixie version. Just comb most of your hair back using a generous amount of gel, then curl your fringe with your tool of choice (we recommend a curling iron or hair straightener). Tuck into place with your fingertips and seal.


Pixie with curly fringe


11. Textured Pixie

The textured pixie is shaped by spiky, gradual layers all around your head. A side part will create volume on top, then create the ‘undone’ look by spreading a small amount of styling product on your fingertips and spreading kneading it into your hair.


Textured pixie


12. Asymmetric Bob

The asymmetric bob works best with a side part. It typically mimics the appearance of a classic short bob on one side of your face, while then gradually growing significantly longer. Slightly covering one side of your face, the asymmetric aspect of this haircut will accessorise your look with an aura of mystery and sophistication.


Short asymetric bob


13. Short Bob with Waves

If you are lucky enough to have wavy hair, this style will probably be the least maintenance you can find. If you don’t, a short bob with waves is still a highly desirable option. Once you have dried your hair, curl your hair using a heated tool, brush them out and then seal with hairspray for a long-lasting beach look.


Short bob with waves


14. Ultrashort Pixie

The ultrashort pixie is one of the favourites amongst low-maintenance hairstyles. It doesn’t only enhance your natural features, but it takes little to no styling product to control this look throughout the day. In fact, a messy look will add extra texture and character.


Ultrashort pixie


15. Chin Grazing Bob

The chin-grazing bob is not only an incredibly flattering length to wear, but it also provides you with a plenty of styling varieties. For a more elegant look wear your hair straight, or add gentle waves for a more relaxed style. You can also try switching up the positioning of your part for an instant style transformation.


Chin grazing bob


16. Slicked Back Bob with Side Part

In 2019 girls are not shy to borrow from the boys. In addition to jeans and shirts, we have now claimed the slicked back hair trend. If you’re looking for a cool, sleek style to last you all day, the amount of hair gel in this one, will assure that it does. Simply part your hair one site and comb it out of your face towards the sides and back.


Slicked back bob with side part


17. Layered Bob

This hairstyle is not only a stylish option, but it will also boost your hair’s natural volume thanks to its long layers and asymmetric cut. For this bob cut, the hair in the back is kept shorter, while gradually gaining length in the front.


Layered Bob2


18. Side Swept Fringe

A side swept fringe will add a romantic and feminine touch to any short or medium hairstyle. It’s best worn with a deep side part and graduates in length, starting above your brow on one side and ending just below your eye on the other. Create additional volume and shape by blow-drying it with a round metal brush.


Side swept fringe


19. Classic Bob

The classic bob is called ‘a classic’ because it never goes out of style. For this look, your hair is worn at the same length, grazing your neck a few centimetres below the chin. This haircut is completely versatile; you can easily add your personal touch to it and make it your own.


Classic Bob


20. Slicked Back Lob

The slicked back lob is a stylish look, especially for those days when you and your hair just can’t find common ground. With a bit of a comb and a lot of product, your hair troubles will resolve and you will end up with a super chic hairstyle.


20. Slicked Back Lob
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