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75 Easy Stress Busters

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Chronic-Stress Help

46 |Get enough sleep. When you're tired, problems can seem larger than life.April 1996

47 |Memorize your favorite poems so you can recite them to yourself during stressful moments.September 1982

48 |Keep a stress diary. After a week, scan it for patterns and brainstorm ways to deal with issues. For example, if you're anxious during your commute, download an audiobook to make the trip more relaxing.April 2010

49 |Ask for help. Remember that you don't have to do everything by yourself.May 1984

50 |Try retail therapy, but limit yourself to buying early Christmas or birthday gifts so you don't pile on financial woes.April 1971

51 |Eat salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids in it may help reverse stress symptoms while boosting serotonin. It can also help suppress the production of the anxiety hormones cortisol and adrenaline.April 2010

52 |Walk whenever you can. Exercise has a soothing effect, especially when it helps you avoid bad traffic and crowded public transportation.September 1982

53 |Get up before everyone else and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea by yourself.April 1996

54 |A few times a week, change how you do one thing—ask your husband to make the bed or leave the dishes in the sink overnight.September 2011

55 |When you need a time-out, go for a drive in the car and listen to music.July 2003

56 |Give yourself credit. Under stress, we often focus on failure instead of moving forward to complete what needs to be done.December 1989

57 |Know your stress signals (e.g., tummy troubles or neck pain), so you can recognize them right away and take care of yourself.May 1984

58 |Adopt a pet. Affectionate and comforting, they allow you to take the focus off yourself and your problems.September 1998

59 |Make the morning rush less crazed by embracing an easy hair and makeup routine.February 2006

60 |Go out to dinner just to have someone wait on you.April 1971

61 |Before bed, make a to-do list. Writing down what's in your head helps you relax and avoid waking up worried you might forget something.February 2006

62 |Use rituals to decompress, such as drinking a cup of tea in the morning or taking a walk on the way home from work.April 1996

63 |Watch the caffeine. Drinking it late in the day could keep you awake at night, making it hard to get up, leading to downing more caffeine.November 1991

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Stop Stress Before It Starts

64 |Whatever you enjoy doing, give it a regular place in your life. Everyone needs an outlet.May 1955

65 |Exercise regularly. It helps take the edge off anxiety.May 1979

66 |Nurture your friendships. Kindred souls will help you stay sane.May 1984

67 |Remember that some things are worth doing imperfectly if it means getting the task done.May 1979

68 |Take sleep seriously. Even a short nap can slash stress hormone levels.April 2010

69 |Just say no. It's not selfish—it's great prevention against stress.December 1989

70 |Connect with nature every day. Look at the sky as you open the blinds and forget yourself for one minute.April 1956

71 |Share the load and delegate around the house.December 1989

72 |Relaxing is not a passive activity, but one to focus on as much as possible.January 1978

73 |Get it off your chest. Bottled-up feelings increase stress. If someone disappoints or upsets you, let them know.September 1982

74 |Put your needs on your to-do list. You'll have more energy if you take care of yourself.April 1996

75 |For 5 minutes each day, forget your plans and worries and live in the present, enjoying what's around you.

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75 Easy Stress Busters
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