All about orchids: flowering period

You will need
  • - block;
  • - substrate;
  • - pot:
  • - drainage
Orchid can be planted in two ways: on a block or substrate. At the bottom of the container lies a block made from the bark of pine, oak or tree fern. A plant is neatly attached to it with the help of a wire. There is nothing difficult in this landing. The main disadvantage is the rapid drying of the root system, so you will have to water more often.
For planting orchids in the second way will need a substrate. You can buy it in specialized stores or make it yourself. To do this, mix the chopped pine bark with peat. The ratio of ingredients depends on the moisture content of the substrate. 1: 1 - high humidity mixture. There are other types of home substrate.
To plant the plant in a pot with small holes, put a drainage on the bottom, for example, gravel or expanded clay. While holding the orchid upright, sprinkle the root with the substrate, leaving its stem on top.This method of landing does not take much time.
The period of blooming orchids directly depends on the type of plant and its care. Duration ranges from 2 to 7 months. In some cases, re-flowering can never wait. Do not throw care, transplant the flower and, perhaps, after some time, he again will please with bright buds.
The orchid needs diffused light 12 hours a day. Direct sunlight on the flower leads to yellowing of the leaves. For long flowering need the right temperature. In the summer - 15-32 º during the day and 15-18 º at night. In winter - 18-22 º during the day and 12-15 º at night. Moreover, a sharp temperature drop is harmful.
Watering plants important procedure. In summer, moisture is required more than in winter. Therefore, in the warm months, the orchid is watered 2-3 times a day, and in the cold - 1-2 times. The root system will better tolerate dry soil than too wet. Green leaves may turn yellow due to drought, and the root will rot from wet conditions.
Orchid love humid air. Create such conditions in the apartment is not easy, especially in the winter. When it’s hot outside, spray the leaves out of the spray gun without getting on the bud.Air more often the room, but in no case do not put the pot in the draft. Sometimes the reason for a short flowering period (or lack of repetition) is the lack of space for root development. In this case, the flower should be transplanted into a large container.
To do this, cut the pot, carefully removing the orchid, so as not to damage the roots. Remove excess soil and transfer the plant to a larger vessel with drainage at the bottom. Sprinkle the bottom of the substrate, setting the stem down. For planting orchids is better to use a pot with smooth walls. Such a fastidious flower needs regular care, only in this case it will bloom repeatedly.

Video: Growing orchid Time-lapse

Images: All about orchids: flowering period All about orchids: flowering period
Images: All about orchids: flowering period All about orchids: flowering period