Orange Aromatherapy for Anxiety

Aromatherapy: orange for mood

Decorative sachet filled with dried orange peels, saturated with natural orange aroma oils, has a psychologically warming effect. The smell of orange is warm and light, it gently tones and improves mood.

If you put a perfumed bag with dried orange filler in the bedroom and regularly inhale its scent in the morning and evening, the emotional state will gradually become stable, with fatigue, anxiety and anxiety will not remain. Sleep is restored, as well as the internal resources of the body.

Making an orange sachet

To make an orange sachet, even sew does not have anything. You can take any piece of fabric, for example, organza. Cut a 40 cm by 40 cm square from it and place dried citrus rind in the center. Drip 7-10 drops of natural orange essential oil and collect the square at the corners, creating a tight bag. Drag the tape and the sachet is ready.

To supplement the flavor, place a couple of cinnamon sticks on dried zest. You can enhance the smell with new notes: in addition to the essential oil of sweet orange, soak the sachet with 5-10 drops of nutmeg oil.

Useful properties of orange aromatic sachet

Of course, all citrus smells stimulate digestion. Decorate with a fragrant sachet kitchen or dining room, and lost appetite will not keep you waiting.

Sasha "Orange" will have a positive impact on children. Put a bag with dried decorative elements on the child�s desktop, and after a while the student will become more focused, his performance and attentiveness will increase. In addition to the beneficial effects on the nervous system, the �orange� envelope from organza, tied with silk ribbon, will simply delight the child with its beauty, festive look and memorable sweet aroma.

Video: Sweet Orange Essential Oil Music- Soothing Sounds for Aromatherapy Massage, Stress Reduction Therapy

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Aromatherapy: orange for mood

Orange Aromatherapy for Anxiety
Aromatherapy: orange for mood

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