On Ukraine, UN Has No Comment on New US & EU Sanctions & Russia's Constitution Idea

As noted Constitution Day in Ukraine

The Constitution Day of Ukraine is a day off, and the holiday may be extended to June 29, as was done in 2012. All heads of private organizations were advised to take a break from work and allow their employees to rest and have a good time in honor of an important state event.
On June 28, in Ukraine there are a lot of official events, which are directly involved in organizing and holding representatives of city and state administrations in general. Politicians make solemn speeches, organize meetings devoted to the Constitution, etc. In particular, on this day in different cities the authorities began celebrations with laying flowers at the monuments to Kobzar, Orlik, Hrushevsky, Shevchenko and others. On June 28, it is customary to recall famous Ukrainian figures, including those who participated in the drafting of the first Constitution of Ukraine.
In addition to official events, entertainment events are also held for guests and residents of the country. The main event in different cities, as a rule, is a big holiday concert, during which congratulatory speeches are made and famous Ukrainian performers perform. So in 2012 for the concert “Constitution Day of Ukraine. Congratulations in a European way ”such popular musicians and bands as Oleg Skrypka,“ Kazak System ”,“ TIK ”and“ Mad Heads XL ”, etc. were invited.
Many festive events are held directly on the central streets of cities, so on June 28 some roads are blocked. Solemn processions, solo concerts of Ukrainian and foreign stars, charity and entertainment-gaming events, etc. are held. Special attention is paid to the organization of fun concerts and games for children, as well as festive discos for young people.

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As noted Constitution Day in Ukraine

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As noted Constitution Day in Ukraine

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