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Review addedMay 14, 2014authorKakProsto

Bengal cat

Beautiful pet

For the first time I saw such cats at the exhibition and almost immediately fell in love with them. Six months later, I decided to make myself like a pet, even though I lived in a rented apartment.
What I want to say: the cat is very playful. Almost all owners write that these are active and slightly aggressive animals. I don’t know about aggression, but my beauty loves to drive an artificial mouse.
They also say that Bengal cats are not afraid of water. Yes, ours does not shrink from fear when you try to bathe her, but she does not run headlong as well. In general, a neutral attitude.
What is really true is that Bengal cats have a very loud and not very pleasant voice.
Beautiful color.
Nice wool.
Loud and nasty voice.


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Beautiful pet

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