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Bee honey: benefits and contraindications

The benefits of honey

Honey is 100% absorbed by the body, it contains more than 60 nutrients, vitamins, minerals and acids. There are a lot of calories in honey, therefore it is not recommended to use it in large quantities by those who follow diets, but it is very useful to replace a few spoons of sugar with honey and it will not affect the figure.

Honey has an excellent antiviral, antimicrobial and bactericidal effect, so it is often called a healing elixir.

With the help of honey you can quickly restore power after exhausting physical activity. Regular consumption of honey protects the body from anemia, diseases of the stomach, diabetes, disorders of the nervous system.

This delicacy is recommended in stressful situations or during sleep problems, as honey has a calming effect.

Honey: contraindications

Honey is not recommended for those who are prone to allergies. There are situations when only one type of honey causes allergy, and other varieties can be included in the diet without fear.

In general, honey can be consumed daily in an amount of up to 200 grams, given that large doses may adversely affect the pancreas.

You can not heat the honey, because according to some studies, this makes it carcinogenic. In addition, the heated honey loses antimicrobial agents.

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Bee honey: benefits and contraindications

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Bee honey: benefits and contraindications

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