Jacquees look better without them

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Better without them

Better without them

�One day, my husband suddenly invented a man's weakness in himself and decided to surprise me with long sex all night. Naturally, I did not consult with me. It was a nightmare, an erection is weak, but constant, barely able to finish his mission. He began to complain about the fog in his eyes, nasal congestion. Then he finally admitted that he drank a pill "Levitra" from Bayer.
Well, that one. Well, that did not drink beer. I have always treated badly such drugs, I don�t even know why they are needed at all. In healthy men and in the genital area, everything is fine, and for sick people such pills will do a disservice, they will aggravate all chronic sores. Especially it is impossible to use their cores, and in our country every second man has heart problems. Levitra is sold for 1 tablet, the cost is about 500 rubles.
Many side effects, dear.

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Jaquese look better without them
Better without them

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