DIY | Swan out of bus tickets

Bus swan: everything is very simple

Preparation for work

First of all, you need to take a suitable tire. It should be as worn as possible, bald and it is desirable to have a longitudinal pattern. All this will facilitate the process of cutting tires. In addition, it is better to take a tire with a kapron cord, and not with a metal one (with such a tire it will not only be hard to work, but you can get hurt both in the cutting process and on the finished product). The selected tire should be washed and dried, since it is much more pleasant to work with a clean tire.
In the process of cutting tires useful the following tools: chalk, drill, knife, pliers, jigsaw. Additionally, you will need a wire of thick diameter and thin paint for staples.

Swan Making

To begin with, chalk marks the beak, the head and neck of a swan (approximately half of the tire circumference). On the beak is laid about 9 centimeters, on the head 10. The neck of the swan should smoothly expand to the body. The marking of the bird's tail is already partially present (this is what is left after the beak is cut).
When all the markings are applied to the tire, you can start cutting.This is the most difficult stage of work, during which you need to be very careful not to get injured. It is necessary to work in mittens and special glasses. If the tire is very old and thin, then you can cut the swan with a knife, if it is thick, it is best to use a jigsaw.
Cutting of both sides is carried out in parallel by 5 centimeters, otherwise it will be very difficult to cut the rubber, as it will bend strongly.
After cutting, the formed wings turn inside out to give them greater scope. There is another option - do not turn the wings inside out, in this embodiment, they will simply be more lowered to the ground. Next, the neck is fixed. The neck and head are strengthened and bent with a plastic rod. To secure the rod, it is necessary to drill a pair of holes with a drill and with a thin wire to make brackets along the entire length of the neck. After staining, staples will be virtually invisible.
In general, the figure is ready, it remains only to check that there are no torn edges protruding wires. To make the swan more beautiful, you need to paint the frame with white or black paint, the beak is red, and your eyes can be made from screws.
You can install a swan on a stump, on the ground, for stability, by pouring stones in the middle of the figure, as well as on another tire (if you paint it blue, you will get an imitation of the lake).

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Bus swan: everything is very simple

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Bus swan: everything is very simple

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