Urinary Tract Infection

Causes and treatment of urinary tract inflammation: cystitis and urethritis


Symptoms and Causes

In men, the urethra is 7–8 cm longer, so viruses and bacteria trapped in the male urinary system usually linger in the urethra. In turn, in women, inflammation passes into the bladder.

Infectious cystitis can cause E. coli, which occurs in most cases. Less common pathogens are chlamydia, enterococci, streptococci, Klebsiella, Proteus and others. Non-bacterial cystitis manifests itself due to the use of chemicals. The disease can occur due to non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, overcooling of the body, metabolic disorders, malnutrition, diabetes, sedentary work, promiscuous sex, reduced immunity and much more.

Often the cause of the disease are allergic reactions to cosmetics: deodorants, powders, soap, colored toilet paper, etc.

The first and most common symptom of cystitis is frequent urination. In some severe cases, the intervals of visiting the toilet room reach 15-20 minutes. In this case, urine is excreted in a small amount, and a burning sensation occurs in the urethra. If there is acute pain in the bladder area, this also indicates cystitis. Fever and chills, gag reflex, a sharp and unpleasant smell of turbid urine, blood at the end of urination are also symptoms of the disease.

Susceptible to cystitis and children's body. Basically, for two reasons. The first is non-compliance with personal hygiene. The second is the anomalous features of the development of the urogenital system. If in the first case, bacteria can be eliminated with the help of proper child care, in the second case, it is most often necessary to seek help from surgeons.

As for people of mature and elderly age, here the problem may arise due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. As a result, urine stagnation occurs, which, in turn, provokes the development of pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation.The causes of urethritis can be malignant tumors, venous congestion in the pelvis, urolithiasis, damage to the urethra during surgical procedures, infectious diseases of the genital organs.

For all the similarities, the symptoms of cystitis and urethritis have their differences. With cystitis, the smell of urine is sharp and unpleasant, with urethritis it is not felt. Urethritis is also distinguished by a more stable state of the body, the absence of general intoxication and fever, and pain manifests itself in the same place.

Danger of cystitis and urethritis

Cystitis and urethritis are dangerous because if you do not pay attention to them, the disease becomes chronic, which then will have to heal all your life. In turn, the chronic course of the disease forms an infectious environment that is immune to antimicrobial drugs, which makes treatment much more difficult.

An even more terrible consequence of these diseases is the movement of the infection from the bladder to the kidneys. This leads to the development of pyelonephritis, an acute inflammatory disease, often occurring in a purulent form. For these reasons, as soon as a person feels discomfort in the lower abdomen, you should immediately consult a doctor.You should not engage in self-treatment for a simple reason - it is impossible to diagnose the disease at home. For example, urethritis is easily confused with prostatitis, since both illnesses are characterized by frequent and painful urination.


Urethritis and cystitis are treated about the same. But first, on the basis of the examination and tests, the doctor will determine whether the disease is infectious or non-infectious. After that, a course of treatment will be selected. If the cause of cystitis or urethritis is recognized as an infection, then most likely the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. They are the main way to combat pathogenic microflora, but always taking into account the sensitivity of the patient to this type of drugs. At the same time, if taking antibiotics in pills does not give the desired effect, it is possible to switch to treatment with injections. Antiseptic preparations can be prescribed for flushing the urethra, for example, furatsilin, but the procedure itself should be carried out exclusively by a specialist.

Pregnant women who do not want drugs to enter the blood are recommended to use vaginal suppositories. They also need women to use to restore microfloravagina after taking antibiotics. The same with rectal suppositories should be done with intestinal microflora.

In cases where the causative agent of the disease is a fungus, anti-fungal medications are taken in combination with antibiotics. To reduce pain, antispasmodics are prescribed, and to strengthen the immune system - complex vitamin preparations.

Make life comfortable

Frequent urination, accompanying cystitis and urethritis, bring considerable domestic discomfort. For those who can not afford to hurt at home, you just need to use disposable personal care products. The leading manufacturer in this area is the iD trademark, which includes: iD LIGHT urological pads, iD PANTS pant diapers, iD SLIP adult diapers, and iD PROTECT disposable diapers are available for additional protection of various surfaces from getting wet. All products meet the highest requirements for patient comfort.

With the help of these personal care products, the time of treatment is not necessary to spend next to the toilet room, but you can easily do your usual daily activities.

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Causes and treatment of urinary tract inflammation: cystitis and urethritis

Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis) - causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology
Causes and treatment of urinary tract inflammation: cystitis and urethritis

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