Nikon B500 REVIEW - BEST Beginner zoom camera (SLR) 2018! Photo + Video TEST!

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Cheap Nikon SLR Cameras

I have been using Nikon SLR cameras for a long time, I take two cameras: on trips, travels on the Nikon 3100, at work on the Nikon D600. Despite the fact that I use professional equipment, I really like Nikon amateur DSLRs as well.
They are reliable, very comfortable, usually weigh a little (which is very significant when traveling). Nikon has a much higher autofocus speed than other cameras. The color rendition is not bad even for the cheapest models.
Unfortunately, Nikon lenses are slightly more expensive than Canon.
Excellent quality.
Large selection of amateur low-cost DSLRs, to professional reporter cameras.
Thai is more common than Japanese assembly.

Video: TOP 5: Best Entry Level DSLR Camera For Beginners 2018

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Cheap Nikon SLR Cameras

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