Cooking A Turkey In A Trash Can

Chicken Turkey: Cooking Options

Methods of cooking jelly is not much different from the usual recipes of this dish. You can cook jelly in the usual way, you can automate the process and provide cooking to any ordinary company that has a “quenching” mode.

Traditional method of cooking aspic

For cooking classic turkey meat aspic, you need: 5-6 turkey legs or 10-12 wings, 1 onion, 1-2 carrots (to taste), greens (parsley, cilantro, dill), and spices (black pepper goes well with brawn peas, cloves, bay leaf). Salt is also required. There is no need to add gelatin, as the necessary amount of thickening substances is already contained in meat.
The recipe itself is pretty simple. Meat is cooked in the usual amount of soup for water (about 2 liters) over very slow fire for 4 hours. Onions, carrots, salt and spices can be put in the broth immediately after boiling and until cooked (as a rule, carrots are cooked for no more than 1 hour).When ready, you should pull the carrots out of the broth and cut them nicely. When the meat is ready (the degree of readiness is determined by the ease of separating the meat from the bones), it is necessary to pull it out of the broth and chop finely. After that, give the meat and bones to cook in the broth for another 1 hour.
Finished meat, carrots and pre-chopped greens should be divided into forms (you can use silicone molds of different sizes or ordinary shallow bowls) and pour the resulting thick broth. After cooling to room temperature, you can put in the fridge (but not in the freezer) at night (or at least 6-8 hours). The resulting dish is easiest to remove from the form, holding it for 1 minute in hot water, and then turning it over on a plate. But you can cut it into pieces right in the shape and remove the jelly from there with a fork and kitchen spatula.

Cooking jelly in a slow cooker

In order to cook jelly in a slow cooker, you must put raw meat, vegetables, salt and spices in the cooking surface, fill with water to the maximum and keep on the "quenching" mode for 6 hours (the simplest option is to turn on the mode for the whole night).After that, you need to remove the meat and put the remaining broth in the "boiling" mode for 1 minute. As in the classic recipe, finely chopped meat and vegetables should be poured over the resulting broth, allow to cool to room temperature and put in the refrigerator. Cooking in a slow cooker allows the cook to simplify the cooking procedure, but also limits the amount of jelly that can be cooked.

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Chicken Turkey: Cooking Options

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