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You will need
  • - Fabry-Tac glue (any glue for fabric);
  • - the cloth;
  • - floss (thread "Iris");
  • - beads;
  • - synthetic winterizer;
Make the mouse. Cut a circle, then cut it in half and make one mouse out of each half. Fold the semicircle in half by connecting the edges and sew along the edge. The resulting cone tamp with a batting and gather open edge with small stitches, pull off the canvas, making a knot.
Make ears by cutting a circle from a square and dividing it in half. To create a rosette of 6 leaves, in a green circle, perform 6 slits, evenly spaced around the circumference. Then trim the tip of each segment to create a sharp sheet edge. Insert the green lace into the hole in the middle of the sheet, securing the bundle at one end.
Make tails in the form of a drop. Cut a square, round off 2 corners on one side, and form a pointed corner on the other side. Connect with glue the socket of 6 leaves with strawberry-mouse. Glue the ears to the head.
Glue the leaves-drops to the cord. Glue the mouse eyes, beads, make a mustache from threads. Decorate the body with pink beads.
Sew the pad. Prepare 2 circles, stitch them together, leaving an open area. Turn out, tamp down with a padding polyester, sew a hole. Divide the cushion evenly into 8 pieces by pulling the thread "Iris" (floss in 6 threads), starting through the center, then through the circle and again through the center.
To make a large rosette consisting of 12 leaves, on one side of a strip of green fabric form pointed edges. Gather stitches finished billet, pull off, make a knot.
Assemble the needle-case by gluing or stitching the tips-tails to the pad, and then attach a large rosette of 12 leaves from above.

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