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Question addedFebruary 25, 2015
Dali bad feature in kindergarten
Please tell me what to do if in kindergarten they gave a bad description on a child ???? It is written there everything is not true !!! I am afraid that such a characteristic will spoil his future ((
Is the question relevant?
Answer addedMarch 12, 2015
)) it is unlikely to spoil the future of your child)). But you should seriously pay attention to what is written in the testimonial, is it really not true? Perhaps your child is behaving this way when there are no parents around. Perhaps your child needs help, you should calmly talk to your child, tell and tell why you can’t do this and how you should act in such situations, give a good example. Niv cream case does not scold him and be as soft as possible. It is even possible to turn to a child psychologist.This is very important not to miss. Children often lie and the child is unlikely to confess to what (as it seems to him) they can punish him. It is better to once again sound the alarm than to passive. No wonder there is a saying - "Little children are small bedboys, big children are big bedds. Do not miss, so that later you don’t pour bitter tears on yourself!"
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If the characteristic is written wrong, then it can not spoil the future. Where are you showing her?
And if the truth or at least a little truth, it is better to pay attention to the problems in advance.

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Dali bad feature in kindergarten

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