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Diseases of pigeons and their treatment

Inflammation of the eyelid and conjunctiva of the eye
This disease is manifested by constant itching in the eyes of the bird, which it constantly rubs with the claws of its paws or about feathers. Symptoms of this disease are swelling and redness of the eyelid, as well as a closed eye slit and swelling of the conjunctiva. Moreover, a serous secret begins to stand out from the eyes of a pigeon, and the skin around them sticks together, becoming covered in a brown crust. To cure this disease, you need to use tea from kamala or eye drops, containing in its composition antibiotic. If this develops an infection that affects pigeon eyes, it is recommended to use inside the sulfonamides.
Avian Tuberculosis
Another disease that develops in pigeons. Avian tuberculosis can also be transmitted to humans, so you need to be extremely careful if they get pigeons. In birds, this disease is accompanied by fatigue, weakness, sagging wings. The plumage of the bird becomes dull and disheveled.In order to diagnose avian tuberculosis, it is necessary to inject a 0.05 ml of tuberculin with a syringe into the upper part of the eyelid. If the infection continues to develop, there will be a distinct swelling at the injection site. Unfortunately, the treatment of pigeons for tuberculosis is considered impractical, since the birds during the quarantine period become carriers of the infection, and a complete cure can take a lot of time. It is better to destroy the sick pigeons.
This disease is common among birds. Pigeons, chickens, broilers, geese, and many other birds suffer from it. The pathogen is a conditionally pathogenic microbe located in the gastrointestinal tract of a bird. If a pigeon's body's resistance to infections is weakened, this ailment can take various intestinal forms. At the same time nodules are formed. Veterinarians say that the intestinal form of colibacillosis develops on the background of coccidiosis and ascariasis. At risk are mostly young pigeons. Birds lose their appetite, suffer from intestinal upset, their breathing becomes difficult. Further development of colibacillosis leads to the death of pigeons.
For the treatment of this disease should be applied antibiotics with a broad spectrum of action. Among the effective drugs can be distinguished terramycin and biomitsin with feed (100 mg of funds per 1 kg of feed). Moreover, it is necessary to thoroughly disinfect pigeons and their pigeon house. You should know that high-quality food increases the resistance of the avian organism to the disease. Do not forget about the inclusion in the diet of pigeons vitamins.

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Diseases of pigeons and their treatment

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