Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching - The Truth!

Does Beachbody Work?

  • Do I have time to invest in meal planning?The Beachbody Portion-Control Container Kit is a smart system for dieters looking to lose weight. The program is appealing to many consumers because you don't have to count calories to use it (although the system is based on reaching programmed calorie targets).  Each brightly-colored reusable container is designed to help you eat the right amount of different foods at meal time so you'll learn healthy eating habits for long-term weight maintenance. Grocery shopping guides and meal planning worksheets are also provided. Keep in mind, however, that the system will require a consistent time commitment (as does any healthy eating program) in order to make it work.
  • Do I have support for my weight loss program?The peer support offered by Beachbody coaches may be helpful to some users. Getting involved in a Beachbody Challenge or having your coach check in with you can help to boost motivation and accountability. But the coaching relationship is based on your continued purchases. If you don't plan to invest in Beachbody products for the long term, you may want to make sure you have other friends and family members to offer support in your weight loss journey.

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Does Beachbody Work
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Watch Does Beachbody Work video

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