Breeding Geraniums with Mel Bartholomew

Garden geranium: breeding and care

Landing spot

For garden geranium to become a beautiful flower, which pleases you daily with its abundant flowering and pleasant aroma, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for its normal growth and development. First of all, you need to choose the place where you want to plant the plant. Garden geranium prefers open, well-lit places, but also applies to penumbra. She likes moist, not compressed air, as well as well-drained, fertile soil.
When planting plants should take into account all these factors. Do not forget about the content of the soil - it is better if it is neutral or slightly acidic. The groundwater level should not be too close to the surface, since garden geranium root system does not tolerate excessive soil moisture. At one place geranium can grow for 10 years, without requiring transplantation and rejuvenation.

Reproduction garden geraniums

The most optimal time for breeding garden geraniums is spring or early autumn.This can be done in three ways - by seeds, segments or dividing a bush. The first method is rather laborious, since after ripening, the seeds fly apart in different directions, so it is very problematic to collect them. In addition, in this case, all valuable varietal characteristics are too often lost. That is why garden geranium is most often propagated by segments of rhizome.
For this, early spring healthy young rhizomes are selected, which are cut off from the mother bush. Then they are planted in fertilized soil and well watered. It is necessary to pay attention to the rapidity of the growth of geranium, it likes to occupy a large amount of free space, therefore, planting this plant in a prepared area, take into account the free area that is nearby, because she is likely to be busy with geraniums as well.
The distance between the young bushes should be at least 25-30 cm. The very next year a solid carpet will be formed from them. In addition, this plant does not tolerate the transplant, and a free landing will allow it to grow in one place for a long time.

Garden geranium care

Caring for this flower is pretty simple.In the spring she needs weeding, while the plant has not yet thrown away a large number of leaves. In addition, it is necessary to loosen and fertilize the soil. During the season, garden geraniums need timely, moderate watering. Periodically cut wilted and yellowed leaves. In the autumn, which began to wither and dry geranium, should be cleaned of all the shoots and leaves. Garden geranium perfectly tolerates low temperatures in the open field, without requiring additional shelter. In addition, this plant is practically not affected by diseases, and its sharp smell scares off insect pests.

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Seed Geraniums Vs. Zonal Geraniums
Garden geranium: breeding and care

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