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Georges Simenon: biography, career and personal life

The most famous hero of Georges Simenon was Police Commissioner Maigret. But in the "piggy bank" of this writer there are other books, the total number of which is more than 400 works. The classic of the detective described his biography, career path and personal life in a three-volume book, which was sold in millions of copies, but after his death.

Biography of the writer Georges Simenon

The future classic of the detective genre was born in the winter of 1903 in the family of a modest employee of an insurance company. Georges' parents were very religious and prophesied that he served the curate or, at a minimum, the confectioner's profession, which was popular at that time in their homeland in Belgium, but the boy chose literature. He himself dreamed of becoming a journalist or editor of a major publication, but fate decided otherwise.

After the death of his father, Georges had to abandon his studies in college and, like all ordinary guys, to serve a duty in one of the military units.Independent life began after serving in the army, and not just anywhere, but in Paris. To earn a living, Georges began to write - reviews, small news essays, articles for the yellow press. This was the start of his writing career.

The career of Georges Simenon

The meager payment for journalistic work prompted Georges to write a large-scale work. The young man always thought prospectively, one might say, was a dreamer. Surrounding and loved ones did not believe in success, which podzadorivalo even more. As a result of painstaking work, Simenon�s first work, �A Journalist's novel,� was published, but he did not bring him the desired fame and relevance as an author.

Fame and real income came to Georges only in 1929, when the first of the novels about Commissioner Megre - Peters Latvian was published. Readers were carried away, critics exulted, and they all demanded a continuation. Simenon began to work actively - to create an impressive novel, he needed no more than 11 days. His assistants made fun - reprinting takes more time than writing a work. Along with success came financial stability.

Personal life of Georges Simenon

In his personal life, this writer was not as smooth and successful as in his career. Georges Simenon was married twice, he had four children from two wives, but one of the daughters in 25 years had committed suicide.

Simenon broke up with his wives, having lived no more than 15 years from each. He loved to brag about his amorous adventures and claimed that he had connections with more than 10,000 women in his "piggy bank". Is this so, it is now impossible to say exactly, but in the writer's autobiographical three-volume book there are several chapters about his love affairs.

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Georges Simenon: biography, career and personal life

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Georges Simenon: biography, career and personal life

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