German Cabbage Soup Recipe : German Cuisine

German cabbage stew: cooking recipes

Products required for cooking

To cook stewed sauerkraut in accordance with German tradition, you will need the following ingredients: 500 g sauerkraut, 1 apple, 100 ml apple juice, 50 g plums, a tablespoon of butter, 1 onion.
It is recommended to pre-soak sauerkraut and squeeze well. Otherwise, cabbage stewed in German, will turn out too salty. In addition, the cabbage, sliced ​​before salting is too rough, it is desirable to additionally chop. Also, you should not use ready-made apple juice, saturated with sugar and preservatives. It is better not to be lazy, wipe a few apples and squeeze natural juice.
German cabbage is often used as a side dish for baked knuckles, sausages, and duck. However, you can use stewed cabbage and as an independent dish.

The recipe for cabbage stewed in German

Onions are peeled and chopped into thin half-rings. Apples and plums are washed in running water. From plums remove bones. Apples are cut in half and remove the hard core with seeds. Fruits need to be cut into neat straws.
In a deep oven, heat the oil over high heat. The first fried sauerkraut. You need to take only 2/3 of the product. As far as cooking, when the cabbage becomes soft enough, add onions to the roaster. To prevent the dish from burning, it is necessary to stir the ingredients periodically.
As soon as the cabbage and onions are cooked, the fruits are transferred to them. After that, the dish continues to cook for another 5 minutes. Then, apple juice is poured into the brazier, covered with a lid and braised cabbage for about 10 minutes over medium heat. In the cooked dish add the remaining sauerkraut. The components are mixed and served to the table.
Of course, cooking cabbage stew varies greatly in different regions. For example, in some recipes it is proposed to add juniper berries to the dish. There are options for dishes with porcini mushrooms, prunes, with the addition of carrots, garlic and sugar.
Braised cabbage in German gives a wide scope for creative approach.

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Cooked sauerkraut recipe - German Cuisine
German cabbage stew: cooking recipes

Cabbage Soup with Michael's Home Cooking
German cabbage stew: cooking recipes

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