Castor Oil Benefits For Arthritis & More

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Good composition to help the joints

Good composition to help the joints

This remedy was praised for me by an elderly neighbor who suffers with joints in any weather. I myself brought a bunch of ointments from Thailand to her, there was not much effect. And this cream gel Alezan helps not for an hour, but for several days.
I looked at the composition - phytoextracts of 13 medicinal herbs, chondroprotector of cartilage tissue, glucosamine hydrochloride, sea buckthorn oil and mummy. Bought too, a small tube of 100 mg costs 150 rubles. The pharmacy also had large bottles of this drug, as the pharmacist said, they are well taken by athletes.
Unpleasant smell.

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Good composition to help the joints

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Good composition to help the joints

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