Best Formula for Premature Babies

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Review addedMarch 14, 2015authorYuliyaOspch

Good infant formula for the smallest

Good infant formula for the smallest

Our first mixture - "NAN Premium 1" hypoallergenic - we were advised by a pediatrician. My son was only 20 days old, we did not know anything about artificial feeding, so we regularly bought only her. I can’t say anything bad, but the price bites, as they say. And although we began to take the usual NAS (it is cheaper), it still took a lot of money to mix. The kid grew - the portion increased, the jars ran out, the money, too. I spat and bought a box of "Baby". We passed it gradually, first the ratio of one to four, then two to three, and so on. When the son ate already completely “Baby” - he did not notice the dirty trick, he liked the mixture.I, too, because it costs two times cheaper.
A mixture of cream-colored, starchy powder consistency. It dissolves well in water. Smell - like ordinary milk formula, nothing remarkable. From uncomfortable - packaging, inconvenient to dial the mixture from there. But I quickly resolved this problem, I simply poured it into a metal jar from NAS. "Baby" foams, but I do not see the problem.
For the review, I attached a video from the School of Doctor Komarovsky. Theme of the program: "Artificial feeding". There is a lot of important and useful information for mothers-artificials.

Video: Baby Formula Drinking Taste Test Shots!! Gerber Vs Similac Advanced Vs Parents Choice

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Good infant formula for the smallest

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