The Japanese Walt Disney Hayao Miyazaki - Biography and Life Story

Hayao Miyazaki: biography, career and personal life

Biography facts

Hayao Miyazaki was born in the early days of World War II. His father was the director of the Miyazaki Airplane factory, which manufactured parts for Japanese fighters. Not surprisingly, since childhood, the future world-famous director dreamed of the sky and aviation. But he was fascinated by the animation and drawing of manga, which predetermined his fate.

After graduating from school, Toyotama Hayao entered the Faculty of Politics and Economics of the University of Hekosyuin. During his studies, he attended a club for the study of children's literature, and in 1963 he was hired to work at Toei Animation studio, where he worked as a phase worker (plotter of the cartoon characters' movement). The first picture Miyazaki worked on was Wan Wan Chuushingura.


Soon the studio management noticed a talented young man, they began to entrust him with more responsible work and were appointed animator. Miyazaki participated in the creation of several feature films and serials.

In 1969, Hayao Miyazaki became one of the co-authors of the script for the painting “The Flying Ghost Ship”. In the same period, his first manga Sabaku No Tami was published.

Two years later, he founded his own studio called A Pro, along with his colleagues Takahata and Eiti Otabe. Several animation films and serials were created here, but the studio did not last long, as early as 1973 Miyazaki went to work at Zuiyo Eizo, which was later transformed into Nippon Animation studio. This was followed by work at TMS Entertainment.


Simultaneously with his work as an animator, Miyazaki published manga, a great success was the story of Navsikai. He was recommended to make an anime adaptation of the work, but Hayao agreed on the condition that he himself would be the director of the tape. So the movie “Navskaya from the Valley of Winds” came out on the screens.

In 1985, the studio Ghibli was founded, in which real masterpieces of animation were created, such as “Sky Castle of Laputa”, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “The Grave of Fireflies”, “Komin's Delivery Service” and others. In 1997, the premiere of the film "Princess Mononoke" took place, thanks to which the work of director Miyazaki received worldwide recognition.This was followed by work on the cartoon "Spirited Away", which became one of the most notable works of the 2000s. For the picture, Miyazaki was awarded several high film awards, including in 2003 he received an Oscar.

In 2004, work was completed on the animated film "Moving Castle", the anime was also nominated for an Oscar. In 2005, the director was awarded the Golden Lion for his contribution to world cinema, and in 2014 he received an Oscar award winning class for outstanding merit in film production.

Personal life

The famous director considers himself a monogamous man, he is the husband of Akami Ota, who was his colleague. The family had two sons: Goro and Keisuke. Both have creative professions. The elder followed in the footsteps of his father and makes animated films, while the younger works as a wood carver.

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Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki: biography, career and personal life

The Feminism of Hayao Miyazaki's Films
Hayao Miyazaki: biography, career and personal life

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