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Holidays in Spain: Madrid

Madrid: Attractions

Walking around Madrid is best to start from the central square - Puart del Sol (Puerta del Sol). This is the heart of the city, where it is always noisy and fun. The next destination is the Plaza Mayor. This square witnessed public executions, inquisition courts, coronations, bullfights. All the Spanish holidays take place on the Plaza Mayor.

Art lovers should definitely visit the three main museums of Madrid: the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum and, of course, the Prado. They can be called the “golden triangle”, which contains great masterpieces of art. The advantage of these museums is that it is not crowded here and you can enjoy the works of great masters in a relaxed atmosphere.

Not far from Puerta del Sol is located the monastery of Descalasas Reales. Here, starting from the 16th century, noble women, who did not want to marry by calculation, ran. They brought with them a dowry, among which were works of art and numerous sacred relics that made the monastery in the 16th-17th centuries one of the richest in Europe. The nuns themselves lived almost hungry, taking a vow of poverty.

Strolling through Madrid, you definitely need to visit the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary de la Almudena. Its construction began at the end of the XIX century, in architecture different styles mixed up - from romanticism to gothic. The temple is built of marble and granite, the main decorations are the sculptures of saints, wall paintings, a huge dome and relief bronze doors.

What to bring from Madrid

You cannot leave Madrid from empty-handed, and the best gift will be jamon, which you can buy at any butcher’s shop or at the Museum of Jamon, located on Calle de Alcalá, the longest street in the Spanish capital. The colorful seller will not only help you choose the best ham, but also will tell you a lot of interesting things about the most famous Spanish delicacy.

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Holidays in Spain: Madrid

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