Lilac - Syringa vulgaris - How to grow Lilac

How and when they plant lilac

The optimal time for planting young bushes is the last weeks of August and September. During this period, the lilac is already at rest, and there is still enough time for the shrub to take root in the soil. Repot bushes that have green foliage, because when the leaves are completely gone, it will be late.
In cases where frosts have caught you with lilac seedlings dug out, just dig in the bushes in a tilted soil. So they will survive the winter, and the landing will be possible to do in the spring, when the earth warms up sufficiently (mid-April - early May). As a rule, the lilac, planted in the spring, take root worse than the autumn. Therefore, these shrubs may require additional monitoring and care (careful watering in dry weather, the use of root stimulants).
Lilac unpretentious enough and in the wild is able to grow well even in the toughest conditions. However, when choosing a landing site, consider the following factors: shrubprefers a plain with moderately moist and fertile soil, well lit by the sun and protected from cold winds. If you plant a lilac in the shade, the bushes stretch out, lose their pomp and stop blooming.
The distance between seedlings largely depends on the capabilities of the site and design ideas. The minimum length between individual bushes is 2-3 meters on each side. Prepare a seedling-sized pit for planting. Add fertilizer to it depending on the composition of the land. Fertilize poor soil with organic matter (humus or compost), loosen clay soils with sand, peat or leaf humus. Place the seedling in the ground so that the root neck is flush with the soil. Carefully sprinkle it and pour it carefully.

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Gardening Tips : How to Care for Lilac Trees
How and when they plant lilac

How to Grow and Care for Lilac Plants Video
How and when they plant lilac

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