Be Careful Who you rent a room to! The Risks of Being too Kind

How can I rent a room in Moscow

Decide where and for what price you want to rent.the room. For renting a part of the apartment near the metro station you will need to pay an average of 14 thousand rubles, depending on the size of the room. Prices in the central district and when renting a part of an apartment with improved planning will be higher. If you have a car, you can save money and choose the option that is remote from the metro. It will be cheaper by 2-3 thousand.
Contact one of the Moscow real estate agencies. There they will help you find the right option that suits your needs, both in price and location of the future housing. But be prepared for the fact that when signing a lease agreement, the agency will take a commission from you for its services. If you can not find a suitable option, then you will not have to pay for consultations with a realtor.
Find the apartment owner yourself. This can be done through newspaper ads or via the Internet. Visit such sites as CIAN or - there you will find many options and contacts of homeowners.
Make a contract with the landlord before moving into the apartment.It is necessary to indicate the rental period, its cost, the order of payment - for example, the first day of each month. Also in the contract should be recorded the amount of the deposit and the procedure for its return in case of your departure. Since you only rentthe roomrather than the whole apartment, you should describe the procedure for using common areas in the apartment, for example, can you use the owners ’refrigerator, how often and with what regularity should you clean it. This will help you to avoid conflicts with the owners, as well as with other tenants, if any. Do not forget to specify in the text of the agreement and the procedure for termination and amendment of the contract, for example, for how long you should be warned about eviction or about raising the rent.
If necessary, issue a temporary Moscow registration. To do this, you will need to obtain permission from all homeowners and contact the passport office.

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How can I rent a room in Moscow

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How can I rent a room in Moscow

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