Why did Germany beat Brazil 7 1 in World Cup 2014 tactical analysis

How did Germany play at the 2014 World Cup?

The German team fell into the same group with the Portuguese, the US team and the Ghanaians. It was the quartet G. The Germans played the first match in the tournament in a very organized manner. They were able to beat Portugal with a crushing score of 4 - 0. The second match of the group stage was not so bright. The Germans were confronted by uncompromising Ghanaians. Wards Lev could be content with just a draw in the match with the team of Ghana (2 - 2). The final match in the group stage, Germany spent against the US team. In a tense struggle, the Germans won with a minimum score of 1 - 0. This allowed Germany to take the playoffs from the first place in Group G.

In the 1/8 final stage, Germany experienced some problems with Algeria. 90 minutes of the meeting ended in a goalless draw. Only in extra time were the Germans able to gain the upper hand (2-1).

In the quarterfinals of Germany, the more famous rivals, the national team of France, stood up. The Germans were able to win another victory with a minimum score of 1 - 0. This was quite enough to reach the semifinal stage and play there with Brazil.

Germany showed its best football in the tournament in the game with the hosts of the championship. The crushing score of the semi-finals 7 - 1 in favor of the Europeans forced us to talk about the Germans, as the main and unconditional favorites of the championship.

In the final, the German team faced Argentina. It was a match of equal rivals, but the Germans were more cool. Despite the fact that in 90 minutes of the meeting the winner was not revealed (0 - 0), the audience still saw goals in playing time. Mario Goetze in the second overtime scored the only winning goal, which made Germany the four-time world champion in football.

The final performance of the Germans could well be called triumphant. The German national team showed a very organized team, and not just a collection of 11 famous and talented players. The German victory was the well-deserved result of coaching work, as well as the activities of the German Football Federation.

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How did Germany play at the 2014 World Cup?

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