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How Google is trying to legalize same-sex marriage

The first news of the liberalism of the corporation was back in 2008. At this time, the California government began to consider a bill stating that only people of the opposite sex could enter into marriage, to which the largest search engine on the planet immediately responded in a personal blog: “... we should not limit someone’s fundamental rights - to marry a loved one outside depending on orientation. " This was not the end, because today Google launched a large-scale campaign "Legalize love".
Newspapers, taking as a basis the event of 2008, decided that Google plans to fight for the legalization of same-sex marriage. In fact, everything turned out to be not quite so: the struggle will be carried out for the very legality of homosexual relations.
Representatives of the Internet giant said that the best example of "their client" is Singapore: a state thatwhich claims a serious place in world politics but at the legislative level declares homosexuality a criminal offense. According to the company's management, such a policy is short-sighted.
The program for the "legalization of love" contains several points. First of all, this is support for gay actions: “Google’s” stated that 40 employees will go to the “World Pride Parade” in London and, moreover, organize a summit of “geyglers” (analogous to “googles”).
In addition, the community’s plans include financial support for politicians: in particular, those who will declare support for the homosexual community during election campaigns.
The specific actions of Google on this, for now, end. However, the fact that Legalize Love has been announced is more important: it means that the company is in an “active position” and will continue to move in this direction, expanding its sphere of activity more and more. And since the ultimate goal of the program is to “legalize homosexuality all over the world,” its implementation runs the risk of dragging on for a very long time.

Video: Countries Where Same-sex Marriage is Fully Legal Nationwide

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How Google is trying to legalize same-sex marriage

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