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How many teeth does a person have?

Baby teeth

The first teeth that grow in children are called milky. They are temporary and function only up to a certain age: in the period from six to twelve years, they are gradually replaced by permanent ones. In total, a person has 20 milk teeth: 8 incisors (front teeth, which are used for nibbling), 4 canines, and 8 molars (molars, intended for chewing food).
These teeth are almost the same in structure from the permanent, but have a more transparent, bluish or milky shade, for which they received their name.

Permanent teeth

At the age of six years, the teeth change begins: the milk ones gradually fall out, and permanent ones grow in their place. There are more of them - normally a person gets 32 teeth: in addition to the 20 listed incisors, canines and molars, 8 small molars or premolars grow, and 4 more additional molars or wisdom teeth.
Wisdom teeth, unlike the rest, appear much later, sometimes after the completion of the development of the body. Previously, in the jaw of representatives of the species homo sapiens there was enough space for all the teeth that were genetically embedded. They grew up at the right time and occupied the correct position in the dentition.But as man evolved, he changed his lifestyle and eating habits, his jaw became smaller, and the last molars lacked space. This led to the fact that in some people these teeth grow late, with complications, occupy the wrong place or do not erupt at all. In some cases, they do not grow to the desired size and remain under the gum, in others they are tilted to the side and also lie under the gum - then the person may not even be aware of how many teeth he actually has.
There are people who have no rudiments of wisdom teeth, perhaps in the future it will be the norm.
Thus, a person typically has 28 to 32 permanent teeth from birth. But this does not mean that this rule is valid for all, as there are always violations in the mechanism for the budding of the rudiments of teeth. Sometimes, polyodontics or hyperodontia are found - too many teeth: in this case, milk teeth grow more than 20, and permanent ones - more than 32. The extra teeth are usually located near the upper incisors, forming another row, but other places may appear.
There is a false polyodontics - when all the permanent teeth have already grown, and some milk teeth did not have time to fall out. But in this case, their position in the jaw is disturbed, the tooth rows experience deformation.

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How many teeth does a person have?

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How many teeth does a person have?

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