9 Signs You're Eating Too Much Salt

How much salt does the body need?

As we know salt is sodium salt.Unfortunately, the human body is not able to produce sodium, moreover, sodium does not accumulate in the body, but our bodies know how to spend this element perfectly. We are talking about sweating, which spends sodium stored in the body.

Without sodium entering the body, the body stops functioning after about a couple of weeks. Salt in turn is the main supplier of sodium. By the way, initially on Earth the living appeared in salt water.

If you eat less than 2 grams of salt per day, then increase the possibility of developing a variety of ailments, which are caused by a deficiency of sodium. An insufficient amount of salt causes a decrease in the activity of the brain, which is the first to respond to such a lack of necessary elements in the body. When the right amount of sodium is present in the body, you think better and are more resilient.

Amount of salt

It should be noted the effect of overeating salt.If you eat more than 4 grams daily, the swelling increases and fluid is eliminated from the body more slowly than necessary. That is why you need to comply with some measure in terms of salt intake.

Experts advise to stick to the norm in one small spoon daily. As a rule, in such a spoon about 2-3 grams of pure salt. Such a small dose is associated with a significant amount of salt, which a modern person receives from convenience foods, canned foods and similar food.

For children, you need to impose restrictions on salt intake. It is better to teach your child to overdo a little food, since at a young age a high amount of sodium in the body leads to hypertension, obesity and other ailments. For a children's diet, the best option is to reduce the amount of salty foods and increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables.

For older people, salt intake also needs to be controlled. With age, the daily dose should be gradually reduced to about one and a half grams. Thanks to this you can prolong the health of your vessels.


Salt is needed by your body, which simply can not work without sodium.It is necessary to control the amount of salt in the diet and eat about 1 small spoonful per day.

Completely abandon the salt should not be, but do not need to overeat.

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How Much Sodium (Salt) Should You Eat? The Salty Truth
How much salt does the body need?

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