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How smoking affects pregnancy

More than 100 carcinogenic compounds and up to 4000 chemicals are contained in cigarette smoke. A pregnant smoker systematically poisons her blood with dangerous substances. The fetus, receiving all the nutrients through the placenta, suffers from hypoxia. Red blood cells are saturated with carbon dioxide and chemical compounds, delivering the entire range of carcinogens through the placenta to the child with the bloodstream.
Smoking during pregnancy leads to a lack of vitamins in a woman’s body. The lack of folic acid, vitamins of groups B and C leads to pathologies in the development of the nervous system of the embryo. If we add to this the oxygen starvation of the fetus, the baby can be born with serious mental disabilities, which will be especially noticeable at a time when it is time to go to school.
Toxic compounds of tobacco smoke affect cell division in the embryo, which in turn leads to pathologies of vital organs, bone deformities, congenital defects and defects.
Babies born to smoking moms are more often susceptible to sudden infant mortality, suffer from severe allergic reactions, chronic diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, prone to colds and infectious diseases.
Lack of weight at birth is another negative factor for smoking during pregnancy. A child is born weakened, it requires more careful care, increased attention.
But that's not all. Nicotine contributes to the compression of blood vessels. The blood supply to the placenta becomes inadequate, which can lead to the death of the embryo, miscarriage in early pregnancy and premature delivery in the later stages.
To give birth to a healthy baby, still at the planning stage of pregnancy, give up bad habits, go through a thorough medical examination, visit the family planning center, where you will be given advice from a geneticist and a psychologist.
Smoking women who have not planned a pregnancy should give up their bad habit as soon as they learn about their pregnancy. At this time, you can not take pills that help you easily quit smoking, nicotine patches and other means that are sold in pharmacies in abundance.Remember that continuing to smoke, you endanger your own health and the life of your unborn baby.

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4D ultrasound scans show what smoking does to an unborn baby during pregnancy
How smoking affects pregnancy

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