Marry the Person whom you Desire :- Increase Love in your Married life

How to achieve a loved one

First of all, try to unobtrusively show the object of attention that you are different from others in a favorable light. Do not behave defiantly - just skillfully demonstrate your worthy and strong points.
Form the habits associated with you from the man you want to attract. For example, if you are already familiar enough, periodically send him messages at the same time with good morning wishes or a question about how he is doing. After a while, the man will get used to your periodic appearances in his daily activities, and when the usual messages disappear, he will worry and try to contact you.
Do not overdo it in trying to please a man - obsession will play a negative role in shaping your relationship. Let the man seek you, try to appear inaccessible. Give him the opportunity to feel like a conqueror.
Sometimes translate the topic of conversation to memories of pleasant people for a man - he willunconsciously transfer to your interlocutor - that is, to you - your warm feelings towards the people you are talking about.
Control your feelings - do not allow yourself to perform rash actions on the basis of strong love. It is frivolous and not clever. A man should not notice that you are trying to achieve him - he must want to achieve you himself.
Be independent and confident with him, always cheerful, successful, interesting in communication, sexy and attractive.

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How to achieve a loved one

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