How to Apply for a Visa

How to apply for a visa to Latvia in 2019

You will need
  • For self-registration of a visa to Latvia, you need to prepare a package of documents. The visa can be obtained at the Latvian Embassy in Moscow, at the Consulate General in St. Petersburg, in the Office of the Embassy in Kaliningrad or at the Consulate in Pskov.
The embassy must provide:
Passport, valid for at least 3 months from the date of return from a trip. Passport without the signature of the owner is not accepted!
A photocopy of the internal passport (the main page and the page with the place of residence). If the address of the place of residence does not match the address of the actual residence, you need to attach a photocopy of registration at the place of residence.
Completed visa application form.
Two color photos 45 X 35mm on a white or light gray background without a white corner taken no more than 6 months ago. Photos with glasses and headdresses are not allowed.
Confirmation of hotel reservation in Latvia.Latvian Embassy does not accept reservations made through
Certificate of employment on company letterhead, indicating position and average monthly income. Individual Entrepreneurs need to provide a copy of the registration of individual entrepreneurs, a photocopy of registration with the tax authority, a photocopy of the income declaration for the reporting period. Pensioners - a photocopy of the pension certificate. Students - a certificate from the place of study on the letterhead of the institution.
Non-working citizens (retirees, students, etc.) need to attach a certificate from the sponsor's place of work (on company letterhead indicating the position and salary) and a sponsorship letter.
It is advisable to provide proof of financial solvency for the period of stay in Latvia - bank statement, savings books, traveler’s checks or a certificate of currency exchange in the amount of at least 50 euros per person per day.
Medical insurance for the trip.
Pay a state fee. State duty for a one-time or two-timea visais 65 euros for a multiple - 90 euros. For children from 6 to 12 years old - 35 euros.
For tourists under 18:
A photocopy of the birth certificate.
If the child travels with one of the parents, you must provide a notarized power of attorney from the second parent.
If the child travels without parents, a notarized power of attorney from both parents for the person accompanying the child will be required.
The power of attorney should contain the following phrases:
- a trip to the Schengen Countries is allowed, includingLatvia
- it is allowed to make any decisions related to the child’s stay abroad. A power of attorney must be accompanied by a photocopy of the main page of the internal passport of each parent. The signature in the power of attorney should not differ from the signature in the internal passport.
Offer from our partner
The term of consideration of documents for registration of a Schengen visa to Latvia for citizens of the Russian Federation is 10 calendar days. In case of emergency, the period may be reduced to 3 calendar days.
Helpful advice
The Latvian Embassy accepts applications for a visa three months before the date of the intended trip.

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How to apply for a visa to Latvia in 2019

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