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How to arrange the right sellers

Before entering into an employment contract with the seller, check the availability of the necessary documents. The employee must have a certificate of a seller of industrial or food products or a station wagon who can work on both industrial and food products. Also, the applicant must have a cashier's certificate indicating the model of cash registers on which he has the right to work, when the settlement of the seller with the buyer through the cash register is provided. If you additionally accept cashiers, the seller does not need to have a cashier's certificate.
Check the availability of the sanitary book when you receive the seller for groceries. It must be not overdue, established sample and issued by the relevant authority with stamping of the issuing institution.
Conclude a contract of employment with the seller indicating the duration of the probationary period. Better that he was at least three months.During this period of time, you will understand whether the seller is suitable for you or not. You will see the degree of his qualifications, ability to communicate with customers and the ability to sell goods. If you see that this seller does not suit you, during the trial period, you can easily part with it.
Make a document on the full liability of the seller. If brigadier work is foreseen, about collective responsibility. Familiarize employees with this document on receipt. Leave one copy at the enterprise and hand over another to the materially responsible person or persons. The employer may partly be liable for responsible employees on their own initiative due to loss of trust. This is subject to labor law.
Only after checking and signing all the documents can the seller start work.

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How to arrange the right sellers

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