Charlotte Cooks - Ciabatta bread

How to bake a white loaf charlotte with pears and oranges

You will need
  • - 2 stale white loaves without a crust;
  • - 1 kg of dense pears;
  • - 2 oranges;
  • - 250 g butter;
  • - 300 g of sugar;
  • - 3 tablespoons of vanilla sugar;
  • - 4 large eggs;
  • - 800 ml of cream (fat content of 30-35%);
  • - milk (if necessary)
Soften the butter at room temperature. Grease a large baking dish with butter and sprinkle with a little sugar.
Dust off the orange zest, squeeze the juice. Juice until set aside. Mix the orange zest with sugar, enter the vanilla sugar.
Beat the eggs with half the sugar mixture. Continuing to mix, gradually pour in the cream. Continue to beat the mixture until smooth.
Bread cut into pieces of 1 cm thick. Next, lubricate each piece of loaf with butter on one side only.
Put the bottom and sides of the form with the bread, first dipping the non-oiled side into the egg mixture.
Then place the pieces slightly overlapped with the oil side down. Peel the pears, cut them in half, remove the core.
Cut the flesh across into thin slices. Pour pear orange juice.
Put half of the pears in the form, sprinkle with half of the remaining sugar mixture.
On the pears in the same pattern, dipping into the egg mixture, put overlapped pieces of loaf.
Fill the charlotte with the remaining egg-cream mixture, pressing the bread with your hands. Put in preheated to 180 � C oven.
Bake, watering with milk, if the bread dries up, for 45 minutes. Serve the charlotte warm.

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How to bake a white loaf charlotte with pears and oranges

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How to bake a white loaf charlotte with pears and oranges

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