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How to bake bread

You will need
  • For one loaf of bread:
  • - 3 cups of flour (any, at its own discretion);
  • - 3 teaspoons of active dry yeast;
  • - 3 teaspoons of sugar;
  • - 1 teaspoon salt;
  • - 1 cup of warm water;
  • - 1 tablespoon of slightly softened margarine (or butter, if you are not afraid of its caloric content);
  • - 1 egg.
Put flour, yeast, sugar and salt in the bowl of the blender, and start mixing at medium speed. Gradually add warm water, continuing to mix. Water will need about 1 cup, but the exact amount you need to determine by eye - pour it until you get a thick elastic dough.
Divide the margarine into small cubes and gradually add to the dough, continuing to mix for about 10 minutes.
After that, the dough must be kneaded by hand, gradually adding to it a little flour. You must knead it until an elastic ball is formed. Then put it on a cutting board and leave it indoors for 10 minutes. During this time it will increase slightly in size.
After that, take the dough and roll it to the state of cakes. Twist it into a tight roll. Divide the twisted dough into 2 equal parts and roll them, and then make two rolls, similar to the previous step. Each of them must be at least 15 cm in length, and in width must be placed in your palm.
Attach 2 rolls of dough to each other on one side, glue them together and start to intertwine with each other (as if you are braiding a scythe).
Take a baking sheet and lightly grease with vegetable oil. Carefully place a loaf in it, you should not damage its shape. If the need arises, tuck the ends of the dough to the bottom.
Beat the egg in a separate bowl. After that, take a cooking brush and brush with an egg the whole loaf. This will give the bread a nice golden hue.
Bake homemade bread should be at a temperature of 200 degrees for 30 minutes. Once it is ready, remove the loaf from the oven and leave it to cool for 15 minutes.
Only then can you start slicing home-made bread. Serve on the table can be immediately - both in pure form and with oil.

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Images: How to bake bread How to bake bread
Images: How to bake bread How to bake bread