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Glitter Goth is more of a perky kind of Goth. They all have a sweet and bubbly personality and like to stand out a bit. But let's not forget - they're still Goths. Not universally defined at all, the most important way to let everyone know you are a glitter goth, is by saying you are one! If you want to conform with what the contributors to wikiHow think a glitter goth is, read on from step number one, or, just do what you like!


  1. Absorb some new types of music!The first step of becoming a Glitter Goth is to appreciate and come to find what music of the culture you like. Listen to the common Goth rock bands like The Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus and The Cure for example. Also try getting into some Goth music that has a different feel to it like Bella Morte, Astrovamps and Joy Division. These are all great starters. Pick a few you like and learn more about them. Sometimes Glitter Goths tend to listen to EBM, Darkwave, Futurepop, Techno and Industrial bands, like Cyber Goths. Some great bands with an electronic feel to them are VNV Nation, Grendel, Neurotic Fish and KMFDM. But it's okay to enjoy other styles of music too, from any style new or old; one thing about being a Goth is that you are an individualfirst.
  2. Get into new clothing to mix with your current style.Glitter Goths are all about mixing color and fun with traditional 'Goth style', and wearing the style the way you're comfortable. Jeans in rare colors, like white or ink, in shapes to suit your body type are awesome. Black and dark blue jeans are classic. White and black tanks, corsets, frilly skirts, tutus, and band tees are popular. Bright and fun colors add an adorable touch. Mix it up with other styles too, hip, velvets, whatever you find that matches a 'Glitter Goth' look. Restriction and rules are for lawyers!
  3. Invest in a good pair of boots.Most Goths have a good pair of combat or platform boots. Get some platform boots in your favorite color. They are usually black but can be found in white and pink too. Fuzzy ones are even better. But it is understood that not everyone likes platform boots, therefore brands like Dr. Martens have combat boots in all kinds of different colors and styles to fit your particular taste. Converse sells white boots that are great for drawing on and adding things like sparkles and sequins to. Heeled boots are great but don't wear them too much, killing your spine for a look is for the fashion slaves!
  4. Wear your Hair and makeup appropriately.Hairstyles are always vary and unique to the person, the style they like and that they feel confidant in. Some Glitter Goths like to just leave their hair natural colors, some love to dye it, straighten it, curl it or crimp it, perm it. Some common colors are black or blonde. But not everyone can pull off black or blonde hair or likes it, so you can mix it up a bit and get it bleached and dyed a bright color like pink or blue. Or you can streak it, having different colors. Another option is dread falls. You can make these yourself or buy them offline. Read related wikiHow articles on the subject. Makeup can be anything you make it.x including non existent. Some move toward bright blue, pink and silver eyeshadows. They come in a large assortment of different colors. Some are metallic and some have sparkles in them. False eyelashes are really more Cyber Goth but can still be fun. Lipsticks and glosses are good too, though you should always pick between which you want to be the main feature - your eyesoryour lips, or you'll just look too try hard if both are trying to be a feature of your makeup. Your lip color can be something simple like nude, pink, purple or red, to wild colors like black, grey or blue. Sparkly lipgloss is always good. Again, read some related Wiki Hows on the subject.
  5. Get and wear some unique accessories.Silver or gold bangles are very classy and look amazing on anyone. If you look hard enough you can find them in colors like black, pink, in almost any color. Rubber bracelets come in all kinds of colors. Keep it simple and wear only one color or wear only one color with black ones or wear a rainbow plethora of bangles. Long pearl necklaces in white and old-fashioned pendants are classy also. Chokers are very common, as well as large gemstone rings. Mini top hats are adorable, and wear a monocle if you happen to be able to get your hands on one.
  6. Get the right attitude.It cannot be stressed upon enough, but be yourself. Many Glitter Goths like to be the quiet type and can do many things like write stories, write poetry, paint, draw and design. Find something you like. Be nice to people, be a “social butterfly”. Do something you feel confident doing. This is as much about you learning who you are and whatyoulike, as much as following a 'type', so don't bother forcing yourself to do things or dress a way that you feel uncomfortable or strange in. (Wasn't that the problem in the first place?)
  7. Hang out with people.Go places based on what you like. Go to conventions, galleries and clubs. Go to the movies and lunch with friends. Concerts and plays too. The sky is the limit. This is you finally showing who you are; it doesn't have to change the way you live.
  8. Select your tools and toys.Popular with many but not all Glitter Goths carrying a small selection of toys with you can be an important part of the look. Typical toys include dolls, slinkies, bubble kits, bubble guns, stickers, crayons and markers. Tools include pen and paper, an iPod or other MP3 player and a digital camera.
  9. Listen to the right music.Your music taste doesn't have to change, we all have our own tastes, but to get a good understanding of music that other Glitter Goths listen to always is good, and you'll always find something there you love! Although a Glitter Goth's exact musical taste varies by the person, the majority listen to 80s Gothic rock such as Depeche Mode, The Cure, Bauhaus, Specimen, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sex Gang Children, Joy Division, and Dead Can Dance.
    • Popular contemporary bands include Switchblade Symphony, London After Midnight and The Cruxshadows.
  10. Develop the Attitude.One cannot be a true Glitter Goth without the attitude. The key attitude for a Glitter Goth isperky. Don't act mopey and whiny; don't act preppy or scatter your language with 'likes' & 'OMGs!'. Eccentric, sweet, caring, are all words that would describe a Glitter Goth. You can act mean at sometimes, for example if someone bought the shoes you've been looking for a week, whine and then take your anger out of your friends, or better still, buy a stress ball.

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  • If you have not dressed in Gothic clothing in the past this transition will be sudden. Try a slow change by incorporating some items of your current style with some from the Gothic style slowly adding more Gothic and removing more of the old.
  • If you're a kid under 13, it's a good idea to start coloring your hair with washable hair color like Girl Crush Streak N Style so that your parents won't be as difficult!
  • Try a slow change by incorporating some items of your current style with some from the Gothic style slowly adding more Gothic and removing more of the old.
  • Wear unique accessories such as fairy wings, tiaras, wands, glitter ballet slippers, ribbons in your hair, glitter nail polish, etc. If you have not dressed in Gothic clothing in the past this transition will be sudden.
  • Don’t wear all black. Wear bright colors and not too much neon.
  • Glitter and sequins look great with any outfit. Try glitter makeup, glitter dust, sequin headbands, stick on jewels, etc.

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