Creating a Simple Flowchart in Microsoft Word.

How to build a flowchart

You will need
  • - stencil for drawing flowcharts;
  • - mechanical pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paper;
  • - computer with internet access.
The beginning and end of the algorithm are indicated by ovals. Inside them are placed, respectively, the words "Beginning" and "End". From the oval, symbolizing the beginning of the algorithm, comes one arrow down, to the oval, symbolizing the end of the algorithm, comes the arrow on top.
Steps corresponding to non-I / O actions are indicated by rectangles. An example of such an action is the calculation by the formula and the assignment of the result of a variable. The arrow from the previous step comes to the rectangle from the top, and the arrow to the next step comes from below it.
Parallelograms are used to indicate steps corresponding to I / O operations. Such operations are of two types: assigning incoming data from a variable and outputting data from a variable to a file, port, screen, printer, etc.
Branches are designated by rhombuses.An arrow from the previous step comes to the upper corner of the rhombus, and from its side corners there are arrows marked “No” and “Yes”. They come, respectively, to the steps performed in non-compliance and compliance with the condition. The bottom corner of the diamond is left free. The condition itself (for example, equality, strict or weak) is recorded inside the rhombus.
The rectangle, the side walls of which are double, represents the transition to the subroutine. After the return statement is encountered in the subroutine, the main program continues to run. Inside the rectangle is the name of the subroutine. The flowcharts of all subroutines are placed under the flowchart of the main program or on separate pages.
It is most convenient to draw flowcharts through special stencils, using a mechanical pencil. It can be erased with an eraser, similar to an ordinary pencil, but no need to sharpen.
If you want to create flowcharts in electronic form, use the online application called Flowchart. If you wish, you can also learn special programming languages, in which the programming process itself consists in drawing up a flowchart.There are two such languages: Dragon and HiAsm.

Video: Introduction to Creating Flowcharts

Process Mapping
How to build a flowchart

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