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How to bury a person

  • The clothes in which the person died, it is desirable to burn. No need to give it to anyone. If the relatives of the deceased want to leave her as a souvenir, then in no case should she be worn for forty days.

  • It is better to wash the deceased at the same hour when he died.

  • It is necessary to bury a person in new clothes, or at least clean.

  • Never wear clothes that do not have the remnants of blood or sweat from the dead person.

  • If the deceased asked to bury him in some particular clothes during his life, then his request must be fulfilled.

  • If the dead man was a military man, be sure to dress him in military uniform.

  • On top of the dead man is usually covered with a white veil. On the forehead you need to put a crown depicting Jesus Christ, the Mother of God and John the Baptist. A prayer in the Old Slavonic language must be written on the crown. In the hands of the deceased is given an icon or a cross.

  • If the family of the deceased has the opportunity to invite a priest, then this should be done. If not, then you need to call special people who are engaged in reading psalms and requiem services. Some of them bring the deceased to the temple.

  • Four candles are placed on the coffin of the deceased, and next to the body is a glass of water, a small piece of bread and a saucer with millet.

  • Blood relatives should not wash the floor in the room where the coffin was located.

  • Relatives should not go in front of the coffin with wreaths and wine.

  • At the cemetery, it is customary to kiss the dead person in the crown, which lies on the forehead and hands. From the coffin, be sure to pick up fresh flowers and an icon.

  • If there were watches or any other decorations on a dead person, in no case should they be removed.

  • Before slamming the lid, cover the face of the deceased. The coffin is usually lowered into the grave on towels, which are then distributed to people.

  • The coffin with the dead should be lowered so that the deceased lay with his head to the east. Several coins are thrown into the grave, and then the earth. The first to throw her relatives.

After the funeral, be sure to remember the deceased. For this, the family of the deceased arranges a memorial meal. This is usually done in the house where the deceased lived. On the table must be kutia and pancakes with butter. You must also first and second courses.


How to Survive Being Buried Alive!
How to bury a person

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