How to Buy A Car | The 20/4/10 Rule Explained

How to buy a car from the factory

If you live nearby, arrange your job at the plant you are interested in and queue up to buy a car. As a rule, the plant sells cars to its employees, so work for a while, wait for your turn and buy a car.
Create your car dealership and conclude an agreement with the plant that you want to become a dealer - such contracts are concluded on a competitive basis. Then, in accordance with the contract, buy the minimum number of cars (at least 40).
If you work in a large company and want to buy several cars, go to the auto websitefactoryand contact corporate sales. Sign a contract and buy the required number of cars.
If none of these options suits you, try to go straight to the city where the car factory is located. Consider that stores selling "cars withfactory", In fact, the same car dealerships, but due to incomplete configuration (for example, there is no radio or air conditioner), the price may be somewhat lower.Although you will probably spend more on the road and fines for employees of GIDBB, you can proudly tell all your friends and acquaintances that you boughtthe carstraight fromfactory. Be careful in a strange city - around the factories are going to a lot of scammers who want to warm their hands on someone else's thrift.
If you live far fromfactory, buy a car at the official dealership center (see their list on the websitefactory). Prices in them sets the plant, and they are the same in different cities. Think about the fact that losing a little money, you will get a wonderful opportunity for warranty repairs and technical inspections near the house. To do this, just check the availability of the desired car (you can even online), order it and after two days you can pick upthe car.
The fastest and most expensive way - buy a car at any car dealership. Choose a car without additional options, for example, without air conditioning and heated seats, and it will cost you not much more expensive than cars withfactory.

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How to buy a car from the factory

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