How to buy a ticket to Europe

You will need
  • - Photo 3.5 X 4.5 cm;
  • - international passport;
  • - a copy of the passport page with personal data;
  • - insurance policy;
  • - The original certificate of employment.
Get a visa. This may be a Schengen if you are going to visit several countries during the trip; if not, it is better to issue a visa to visit any one country. It will be easier and faster. Remember that having a visa is the main and main condition for moving to European countries.
Buy directlyticket. It is better if it is a foreign airline, because they often can buy tickets for very little money. It is enough to closely monitor the shares and sales on foreign sites. Some even managed to pay for the flight about 1 €. As you can see, it is really profitable. The purchase is most often carried out through the Internet so that you can book a flight without leaving your own apartment. European airlines often have particulars regarding your flight.For example, on some sites you can register a day (!) Before departure. The main thing - do not forget to take two copies of the printout, indicating this. Also, some airlines even provide the freedom to choose a seat in the cabin. To do this, just go to the official website of the carrier and find the appropriate section in it.
Find a ticket without a tour of the sale on the Internet. Perhaps it may be cheaper than self-organization of the flight. In this case, you are not tied to any group and a clear schedule. You plan your time by yourself. It is enough only to observe the time of departures, journeys and departures. In addition, the chore of finding the flight you need goes into the concerns of a travel agency only.
Please note, when flying from one EU country to another, that discounts on Duty Free on such flights do not apply. You can, of course, buy something in this chain of stores, but not through the system “Tax free”.

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How to buy a ticket to Europe

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How to buy a ticket to Europe

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