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How to buy ultra thin HP

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First, determine the size of the display of the mobile computer. Ultrabooks from Helwett-Packard may have a screen with a diagonal from 13 to 16 inches. Do not purchase a laptop with a large display if this is not necessary. Practice shows that the presence of a matrix with a large diagonal significantly reduces battery life.
Study the technical characteristics of the equipment installed in the ultrabook. Given the fact that these devices, as a rule, have an integrated video adapter, it is recommended not to save on the amount of RAM. The central processor must include two to four full cores.
Pay attention to the features of the structure of the ultrabook case. Most companies produce thin metal-framed laptops. Among the devices of the company HP can be found ultrabooks with a plastic bottom panel. The main advantage of this feature - reducing the weight of the mobile computer.
The only drawback of ultra-thin mobile computers is the lack of a built-in DVD-drive. If you often use discs of different formats, choose a different type of laptop or purchase an external USB drive.
To purchase a mobile computer through the official service, visit Find your favorite laptop model. Once again, carefully study the characteristics of this model. Remember that they may differ from those listed on the website of third-party companies. Click the "Buy" button. After going to, place an order and deliver, if necessary, an ultrabook.
It is important to understand that you can also purchase a Helwett-Packard ultrabook in retail outlets of third-party companies. Visit the priority online store site or visit a specific point. Specify the possibility of ordering the desired model of ultrabook.

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How to buy ultra thin HP

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