How to calculate transport tax in 2019

You will need
  • - the power of your vehicle in horsepower;
  • - tax rate for the subject of the Russian Federation where the vehicle is registered;
  • - Chapter 28 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation;
  • - calculator.
The initial parameter for calculating the transport tax is the rate that is relevant for your particular case. Information about the tax rates of the subject of the Russian Federation where the vehicle is registered can be obtained from the tax inspectorate, on paper or electronic version of the relevant regional law. Frequently, transport tax rates are published in the local media, on the websites of the authorities or the tax inspectorate for the subject of the Russian Federation.
Examine tax rates and find what's relevant for your vehicle. This value is useful to you in further calculations.
Engine power in vehicle documents is usually stated in kilowatts, while the tax rate is charged for each horsepower.To convert kilowatts to horsepower, multiply their number by 1.35962. The result of this arithmetic operation will be the power of your vehicle in horsepower.
Knowing the horsepower, multiply them by the vehicle tax rate. For example, if in your case it is equal to seven rubles, respectively, to seven. So you get the amount payable for one month.
It now remains to multiply the monthly amount by the number of months during which the vehicle was owned by you. If a full year, by twelve.
Another alignment, if the car or other vehicle you have owned a full year. So, if you sold it in October, you must pay transport tax for ten months: from the beginning of the year to October inclusive. And if bought in July - for six months: from July to December inclusive. Accordingly, it is necessary to multiply in the first case by ten, and in the second by six.

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How to calculate transport tax in 2019

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