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How to calculate when there will be ovulation

Today, there are several methods by which women expect the onset of ovulation. Their accuracy is high enough, the calculation depends on the characteristics of the body of each woman, namely the duration of the menstrual cycle. Cycles are from 20 to 35 days, a cycle of 28 days is considered ideal. The ideal menstrual phase lasts from 3 to 5 days, in some cases reaches 9 days.
Women with a normal regular cycle to calculate the ovulation period can take advantage of special programs that some sites now offer. With their help, you can get a calculation that is more indicative. More accurate methods, taking into account the characteristics of a particular organism, have been developed by gynecologists.
One of the simplest is the calendar method, based on tracking the timing of the beginning and end of the menstrual phase.Suitable for women with menstrual cycle without deviations. You can get the ovulation date by subtracting fourteen days from the start date of the next menstrual period.
The saliva crystallization test gives an almost 100% guarantee. The method is based on changing the composition of saliva, namely the amount of salts in it, in different periods of the cycle. For this purpose, special devices with a microscope have been developed and are being sold. For the most accurate result, it is better to take morning saliva.
In pharmacies, you can buy a test strip for ovulation, which works in the same way as a normal pregnancy test. The test analyzes the presence in the urine of a hormone that is responsible for ovulation. Ovulation, which lasts two days, is determined by two strips of dough.
Some women are able to determine the onset of ovulation by the signs that their body tells them: general malaise, weakness, sharp mood changes, aching pain in the ovaries, increased sexual desire.
One of the most accurate and affordable is the method of measuring rectal temperature. In the first two weeks of the cycle, the temperature in a healthy woman does not exceed 37 degrees C, in the following days - higher.The fact that ovulation occurred can be judged by the increase in rectal temperature.

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How to calculate when there will be ovulation

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