How to clean and take care of Pearls

How to care for natural pearls

How to wear and store pearls

Jewelery made from freshwater pearls have always been popular. They look unusually elegant and expensive. Natural pearls are a stone that requires proper wearing and storage.
Pearl jewelry must be worn. If a woman keeps beads or a bracelet made of this stone in a box for a long time, they can lose their luster and attractiveness.
The surface of the pearl fades from exposure to bright sunlight and sea salt. That is why it is not recommended to wear jewelry on hot days, as well as on the beach, in the pool.
Pearl beads, earrings, bracelets are quite expensive if they are made of natural stone. All of them are not designed for wearing around the clock. They need to wear on the way out. In this case, you should first fully dress, comb your hair, put on make-up, and only then add your own image with pearl beads or a bracelet.The surface of the pearl fades from the effects of cream, perfume. It is necessary to avoid contact with the skin, which has just been applied any cosmetic.
Store pearl jewelry need in separate boxes. The surface of natural stones is very easy to scratch, so it is best to pack bracelets, necklaces, earrings in cases made of soft fabrics such as velvet, natural silk. In no case should not put jewelry in a plastic bag. From lack of moisture, the surface of the stones fades.
When storing indoors with sufficiently dry air, periodically place a glass of water next to decorations. This will help prevent dehydration of natural stones.

How to care for pearls

After each sock, wipe the surface of the jewelry with a slightly damp flannel cloth. Periodically you need to rinse them with clean water. No detergent can be used.
To remove strong dirt, you can put the decoration on a piece of natural fabric, put a teaspoon of salt on it, roll the fabric in the form of a bag and put it in a glass with filtered water.Tap water in this case can not be used, because it contains chlorine and other impurities. After the salt has dissolved, you can remove the ornament from the water, wipe it with a soft cloth and put it in the box.
At least once a year, you need to change the thread on which the pearls are strung. It accumulates sebum and other contaminants that can penetrate inside the stones. Natural silk is perfect as a material for making yarn.

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How to care for natural pearls

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