Basics Of HTML how to change font size and colour

How to change font size in html

Website design in the so-called academic style is used less and less, yielding to more advanced design of web pages, which includes the capabilities of cascading style sheets and standard tools for later versions of HTML. One of the most important indicators of high-quality design design is a competent combination of various text styles on a page, including displaying it in several dimensional variations. This HTML feature allows you to structure your text in the best possible way, placing emphasis on the required sections and displaying the planned hierarchy of text content. You can change the font size in HTML in several ways.
One of the working but outdated ways to change the font in HTML code is to apply attributes to the main and special tags. An example of a descriptor with which you can set the size and other font parameters in HTML is the <FONT> tag. This tag is indicated between lowercase tags that enclose text.The tag is paired, while within the same line tag, you can use multiple descriptors <FONT>. The font size is governed by the SIZE attribute, whose numeric value specifies the font size in the default units.
Using the single <BASEFONT> tag, you can set the size and other parameters of the text not on the local sections, but on the entire page. If this tag is specified within the <HEAD> </ HEAD> descriptors, the text parameters will be set for the whole page, and the <FONT> tags will not lose their relevance. If <BASEFONT> is registered between the <BODY> </ BODY> tags, it will set the font parameters for all the text that is located in the code of the page below the descriptor itself. This tag can be specified several times, with each subsequent descriptor will change the formatting of the next fragment.
The most convenient and correct method for changing the font size on a page is to use CSS tools when assigning styles directly in an array of an HTML document, or through an attached CSS file. It is better to enclose the formatted fragment in the <SPAN> tag with its assigned class or identifier specified as a selector in the connected CSS table or within the <STYLE> </ STYLE> tags.The font size controls the FONT SIZE property with a numeric value assigned to it.

Video: How to Change Color, Font, and Size of a Text in HTML

HTML video tutorial - 19 - html font tag
How to change font size in html

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