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How to check the grounding in the outlet

You will need
  • - indicator screwdriver;
  • - ordinary screwdriver;
  • - insulated wire with two probes at the ends.
Plug in a desk lamp and make sure it is lit. When inserting the plug of a desk lamp, do not touch the ground contact of the outlet, as you still do not know if it is properly connected.
Turn off the machine in the dashboard. Make sure that you turn off the machine you need, by turning off the lamp.
Remove the table lamp plug. Remove the cap from the outlet.
See what is connected to the grounding pin. If it is connected to one of the terminals of the outlet, then you have used the zeroing. If to a separate wire -grounding. If it is not connected anywhere - the outlet is not grounded. In the latter case, it can only include electrical appliances with double insulation.
Put the lid on the outlet, fasten it tightly, then turn on the machine.
If zeroing is used, check if it is done correctly.After all, if, when installing the outlet to the grounding contact, instead of zero, the phase was connected by mistake, the mains voltage could get to the case of any plugged in device. This situation is very dangerous.
Use an indicator screwdriver to check for phase voltage at the grounding pin. If it is, use of this outlet should be discontinued immediately and seek the advice of a qualified electrician. Even if the zeroing is done correctly, you should be alerted by the fact of its existence. The fact is that not all types of wiring allow its implementation. Therefore, contact an electrician is all the same.
If you find that the outlet is grounded, you should check if this is the case. First make sure that the third wire connects the grounding contact not to the phase. How to do this, as well as what to do when a phase voltage is detected on this contact, is described above. Then use the indicator screwdriver to findoutletphase. Now, leaving the screwdriver in the phase socket, remove your finger from the sensor. Instead of a finger, press one of the insulated wire probes to it.The neon lamp either does not light up at all, or it lights up very weakly. Now, without removing the probe from the sensor, press the opposite probe to the ground contact. Do not touch any metal parts of the screwdriver and the socket with your fingers. The neon lamp should light up brightly. This means that the ground pin is truly grounded. But to finally make sure that the connection of this contact with the ground is really made reliably, it is possible only with the help of special devices, so for complete certainty you can contact an electrician anyway. what In this case, the socket should be considered ungrounded and only double insulated devices should be connected to it.
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Never remove the cover from the outlet when the machine is turned on.
Do not use a power outlet with phase voltage at the grounding prong.
If an incorrect grounding or grounding is detected, do not attempt to redo it without consulting an electrician.

Video: Grounding - Ground Resistance Measurement, 250.53(A)(2) (26min:27sec)

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How to check the grounding in the outlet

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How to check the grounding in the outlet

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