Chosing a cheese knife

How to choose a cheese knife

One of the specific features of cheese is that the taste of this product can vary from the middle to the edges of the head, so the main task of a cheese knife is to preserve the taste of the product without changing its structure. A quality cheese knife must necessarily have a special antibacterial coating that will not allow microorganisms and foreign smells to linger on the blade.
If you are not a gourmet and do not strive to learn all the subtleties of serving and the combination of varieties of cheese, opt for a universal cheese knife. Such knife is suitable both for soft, and for firm grades. The blade, forked at the end, will help to perform figured cutting of products for a cheese plate. The versatile knife can have a stainless steel handle or food grade plastic.
For matured hard cheeses, it is common to use cheese hatchets and two-handed knives. If you prefer to do everything quickly and with quality, stop your choice on a special mechanical knife - slicer.This electric disc knife will help you quickly cut into hard varieties of cheese.
For slicing soft cheeses, choose a special device that resembles a wire. Using such a tool eliminates the risk of mold damage when cutting. Cheese slices are neat and even.
For varieties of medium-hard cheese, choose a compact knife with "windows" on the blade. This knife has a special curly teeth at the end, which make it easy to pick up the sliced ​​pieces when making a cheese plate. A knife with teeth on the end should be present on the table if a cheese plate is served, so you should have several such cutlery in case guests arrive.
If you need a knife for cheese, which will allow you to cut the product into thin and even slices, pay attention to the cheese knives with a slot. By their appearance, these knives are different from the classic ones and resemble a spatula with a slot. In this case, the slot can be both fixed and adjustable. The thickness of the sliced ​​pieces of cheese depends on the size of the slot.
Choosing a cheese knife, pay attention to those products whose handle is located above the blade line. This design ensures uniform distribution of the load on the blade.This knife will allow you to quickly and effortlessly cut the cheese into neat slices.

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How to choose a cheese knife

How to Use Chef Knives : How to Use a Cheese Knife
How to choose a cheese knife

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