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How to choose a mechanical cocktail mixer

Types of blenders

The blender is an household kitchen appliance, which is used to crush and mix drinks, food, sauces and mashed potatoes, as well as whip up mousses and prick ice. In fact, it is a hybrid of a mixer and a food processor, which in some variations successfully copes with the functions of a coffee grinder, meat grinder and juicer. There are two types of mechanical mixers - stationary and submersible. For mixing cocktails, a stationary blender is better suited - a glass or plastic bowl with rotating knives.
Making cocktails is the main purpose of stationary mixers, which also prepare fruit and vegetable purees, dough and sauces.
The immersion blender is designed for grinding various products and is a long plastic piece with short blades, which is lowered into the container and included.Immersion mixers come complete with a beater bowl, a chopper for meat, cheese and nuts, as well as a whisk for beating eggs. They can be used for grinding or kneading products in any container, and the uniformity of the ground product will depend on the duration of use of the immersion blender.

How to choose a mixer for cocktails

The mechanical stationary mixer has a rotary switch to start and stop the blender, as well as a speed selector lever. When choosing it, you need to focus on the volume of the bowl, its cleaning and safety. The bowl should be made of glass, as the plastic is often scratched, becomes cloudy and absorbs the smell of products - but the plastic bowl is lighter than glass.
The glass bowl does not have the drawbacks of plastic, but it can be quite broken and is very heavy.
The mechanical cocktail blender should have the function of automatic cleaning or the ability to disassemble the jug and remove the knives for washing. It should have a protection mechanism for small children. In addition, the mixer for the preparation of beverages may not have too much power.
The advantages of a mechanical stationary blender are independent work, free hands, the possibility of cooking large portions, as well as convenience and safety in operation.

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How to choose a mechanical cocktail mixer

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