How To Choose The Right Ice Skates

How to choose ice skates

Choosing curlyskatesshould pay attention to the material. It's the most important. Good iceskatesare made of genuine leather. Do not forget to take a pair of warm socks to try on.skateswith them. Although recently curlyskatesincreasingly equipped with fur inside. They already need to wear with thin socks and buy clearly in size.
Also pay attention to how the horse sits on the foot. He should firmly fix the ankle, but not to reap. Proper lacing is also important in choosing skates. Tightening them strongly is not necessary, but the lacing should be tight (especially in the ankle and lift).
Most of the considered skates are equipped with stainless steel blades. There are models with chrome steel or branded patented blades.
Before purchasing hockey skates, you need to decide how you will use them. If you are going to just ride in them, then there is nothing complicated. Just choose suchskatesin which your feet will be more comfortable. As curly, hockeyskateson the foot should not hang out. It is necessary to firmly install your heel in the heel, and then lace up the shoe. The foot should not move on the ridge, however, it should not be pressed anywhere.
If you want to chooseskatesfor hockey, pay attention to the following when choosing them: professional hockeyskatesfor this purpose in priority. Only here you can play them only on covered skating rinks. The fact is that professionalskatesThey are made of materials that are not designed for temperatures below -5 ° C. In the cold, they can crack.

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How to Fit Skates Properly | Ice Skate Fitting Tips
How to choose ice skates

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